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HHC Connectx offers services, tools and the necessary support to establish effective and efficient flow of patients and timely exchange of information between HHC and community based providers.  HHC Connectx ensures that the care delivered to our patients is patient-centered, safe and of the highest quality.

HHC Connectx serves a city-wide network of hospital and community-based providers who are linked together by the community of patients they serve and the clinical information they exchange to improve the quality and viability of their individual practices and the health outcomes of their patients.  HHC Connectx providers drive for excellence in care.  They have aligned clinical and business goals, demand their network colleagues deliver reliable, efficient, timely patient-centered care, and work cooperatively to ensure that the full complement of services available coalesce into a smooth and seamless integrated delivery system.  

HHC Connectx services will become integral to HHC’s programs and culture to the vitality of the HHC Healthcare system.  HHC Connectx will:

  • Contribute significantly to HHC’s managed care and commercial patient-base
  • Expand and maximize the capacity of HHC's primary care base
  • Drive business processes and strategies for increasing access to specialty, ancillary, inpatient and emergency care
  • Highlight the education and training needs of HHC Connectx participants and facilitate the development of education and training programs to address those needs


About Us
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About Us
HHC Connectx informs community providers about the wide array of clinical specialties and diagnostic procedures available at our hospitals, enables access to these services through our on-line referral service application and facilitates their participation in educational and CME opportunities available at our facilities.
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