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Members - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Once I sign on, what can I expect? 

Once you have submitted the enclosed enrollment form and it has been approved, your HHC Provider Relations Specialist will visit your office and walk you through our referral process, service offerings, and for those interested, guide you through the credentialing process and connect you to participating health plans.

What is HHCAdvantage?

HHCAdvantage is an easy-to-use web-based referral management system that offers:  

  • An encrypted, HIPAA-compliant tool for patient tracking and patient information transfers
  • Faster, more effective and patient-centric referral processes
  • Timely online access to consult reports and diagnostic test results

The patient information your office submits to the hospital electronically is used to prepare for your patient’s visit, streamline the registration process, and return recommendations & test results directly back to your office.  HHCAdvantage enhances the level of customer service that both you and our hospitals will be able to offer to your patients.

How will HHC Connectx continue to meet my changing needs?

HHC Connectx is working to meet your changing needs every day.  A Community Physician Advisory Group is working with HHC Connectx to ensure the needs of community providers and their patients continue to drive HHC Connectx services and performance.  And HHC Connectx-sponsored satisfaction surveys and focus groups keep us in touch and responsive to those we serve.

Many of my patients do not speak English. How will they be taken care of?

It is the philosophy, policy and commitment of all HHC facilities to meet the cultural, ethnic, and linguistic needs of all patients.  Patients who have limited English proficiency (LEP) are always provided competent, free-of-charge medical interpreter services.  All HHC hospitals have trained interpreters and provide telephone language services when necessary.

About Us
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About Us
HHC Connectx informs community providers about the wide array of clinical specialties and diagnostic procedures available at our hospitals, enables access to these services through our on-line referral service application and facilitates their participation in educational and CME opportunities available at our facilities.
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